25 Mar

I think it’s been a few days since my last post – I apologize. And this one isn’t going to be anything amazing – I apologize again.

I had been quite busy cleaning up the giant pile of things that my dad brought over the past week or so but that suddenly, and unfortunately, came to a halt when I went downstairs to wash Olive’s diapers on Tuesday morning and I noticed a somewhat significant amount of water on the floor. A leak! And then I found another leak! And then another! Basically we have what seems like an underground spring under the stairs where, previously unknown to us, there is no floor. In addition to that little pond we have a few foundation leaks that we were already aware of from large spring rain storms but we have never seen them flowing quite like this! So Tuesday was spent dividing my time between Olive and the basement. Thankfully a friend from work came over to hold Olive for a while so I wouldn’t feel like I was abandoning her all day. She also brought with her cookies and chocolate milk. Thanks Amanda! 🙂

The basement drama continued into Wednesday which made my day equally as hectic. Thankfully Brooke & Scott came over with dinner ingredients and made a yummy meal while we waited for Tyler get home from work.

On Thursday Olive and I woke up early and got ready to take Tyler to work as we had an appointment to get the Camshaft Position Sensor replaced on the car. While waiting for that we sat at Cupcake, across the street from Fraser, and Laura, Jayme, and Ann came to visit me & Olive. We saw Meredith on our way to pick up the car. We also made a quick stop at the post office. We survived our first day out alone! Thank you Olive for being asleep most of the time, not being hungry, and not needing to be changed. 🙂

Tyler has unfortunately had a hectic week as well. In addition to manning the basement when he got home from work his work duties involved snow removal (hopefully the last time of the season – fingers crossed!) and things involved with having America’s Got Talent filming at the Orpheum. He was not enthusiastic about that. And it kept him at work late.

Olive news: She smiled twice on Thursday morning! Prior to that we had only seen smiles in her sleep.

So now it’s the weekend (Friday, Friday, gettin’ down on Friday…) where we will hopefully find some sleep, less water, and some time to get a few things done. Some of my priorities for the next few days are to buy a new vacuum, list some things on etsy, and continue to clean up the living room and dinning room. Exciting, eh?! 😉


olive’s first walk.

18 Mar

Yesterday we took a walk with Olive and Honey as it was so so nice outside (and I was itching to get out!). By “so so nice” I mean 52 degrees. It was great to get out and see a few houses that have been getting worked on in the neighborhood. Most of the sidewalks were pretty clean of snow but a few still had lumps and bumps that I had to push Olive over. Lots of intersections were still difficult to navigate. But Olive, the stroller, and I did fine. 🙂

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photo catch up.

18 Mar

Photos from the past two weeks – around the house and with Tyler’s family:

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frost on flower.

16 Mar

(It’s hard to type while holding Olive)

frostonflower.com will unfortunately be down for the next two months. I was unhappy with my host and their outrageous renewal fee. I have to wait 60 days to get my domain again. So.. I’m not out of business.. I’ll just be relaunching.. bigger and better!

two things.

16 Mar

There are two significant things about the photo below.
Can you guess?


#1 Olive’s outfit

Background: My dad was here this past weekend to visit and meet Olive. He also brought with him everything left at his house that belongs to me. It basically looked like we just moved in. He packed his SUV to the brim – seriously. He honestly couldn’t fit in another thing. Unfortunately this has not come at a convenient time, as you may have been able to guess. It’s quite the daunting task and while I shouldn’t be tackling the pile of treasures (and trash!) quite so hard… I am. Clutter seriously stresses me out and this is clutter to the max.

I have found things to keep, things to recycle, things to throw away, things to freecycle, things to donate, things to sell on etsy, etc. I have also found many things for Olive! I’m trying to be good and keeping only the most useful items and most important and memorable things from my childhood. In addition to piles of stuffed animals and dolls there are piles and piles of clothing!

That brings us to this morning. I took that photo this morning shortly after waking up with Olive. Olive is wearing my dress! Isn’t that neat? Though it didn’t last long.. it was a little too dressy for my taste and she didn’t have anything decent to wear on her legs.

#2 Olive has a pacifier in her mouth.

She made it to shortly before being one month old before entering into the world of pacifier. I was attempting to avoid it or at least put it off for a while so as not to interfere with breastfeeding but last night.. oh last night.. She was suddenly wide awake as Tyler and I had watering tired blurry eyes and were dreaming of our bed. Her wide awake state was coupled with bouts of intense fussiness. She was swaddled. We were holding her. We were rocking her. We were walking with her. And none of it was quite good enough. Tyler got into bed and it started again. I was at a loss and reluctantly asked if I should try the pacifier. I went to her room, grabbed one, and popped it in. It didn’t take long for her to calm down. Her blinking became labored. She drifted off to sleep and had no qualms with being set into her bassinet and tightly tucked in. It took me a while to fall asleep because of the silly sucking and squeaking sounds she was making.

The pacifier popped in and out of her mouth throughout the night. Luckily it didn’t seem to bother her much when it fell out. She slept decently and only woke up twice for diaper changes and feedings (much better than the 3-4 times during previous nights).

I gave her the pacifier this morning, when this photo was taken, so I could run to the bathroom to “get ready” for the day without too much fussing.


13 Mar

She’s three weeks today!

big day.

12 Mar

burrito baby bug.

At least my birthday was a big day for Olive. She lost her umbilical cord stump while taking a bath. She also took a bottle for the first time rather successfully. Last night we had a bottle waiting so Tyler could feed her and I could stay ‘sleeping’. Oh it was lovely.

My dad came into town yesterday afternoon. It looks like we have a roommate – he brought nearly every single thing left in his house that belongs to me.. and more! oh dear!