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sleep sheep.

27 Mar
unsure about the sleep sheep

Don’t mind Olive looking incredibly unsure about her Sleep Sheep. I actually have good things to say!

I was expecting to dislike the Sleep Sheep given to us by my mom at Christmas. I hadn’t had a baby yet and wasn’t really wanting anything battery operated. I still don’t know much about having a baby and I still don’t prefer battery operated baby paraphernalia but in all honesty the Sleep Sheep has been incredibly useful.

Olive is a fan of “white noise”. She calms more quickly when we say “shh shh” and she calms more quickly when the Sleep Sheep is on. I use it most nights when she’s just eaten and I want her to get to bed quickly so I can get to bed quickly, too. We occasionally use it if she takes a nap in her crib or I need to leave her for a bit while I get dressed or something of that sort.

The Sleep Sheep is a stuffed animal with a tiny speaker inside. There are four sound settings (heartbeat, rain, ocean, and whale), a volume knob, and a timer. I typically have it set on rain (heartbeat and whale kind of bother me) for 23 minutes. Occasionally Olive suddenly wakes when the sound stops. Whoops! It also has a Velcro loop on the back to fix it to the crib or whatever convenient hanging location you choose and it takes 2 AA batteries.

Thanks mom! 🙂

Sleep Sheep is made by Cloud B and you can learn more here.

As a gift we were given another Cloud B product – a ladybug that projects stars onto the walls and ceiling at night! We have yet to use that with Olive but Tyler and I are pretty amused by it! 🙂

*This post is my personal opinion based on my own experiences and was not commissioned by Cloud B*


elimination communication.

27 Mar

I was going to wait a while before posting about Elimination Communication (EC) as I wanted to learn more before simply reciting little bits of what I’ve read on the internet. BUT.. we tried it today and were already successful so I feel the need to share.

Anyone that has come to visit and seen Olive and I for any length of time has probably heard me comment on her readiness to potty train (totally a joke) because she would typically go multiple times while having her diaper changed. It seemed as though she would take the cue of her diaper being off and enjoyed the feeling more of going without her diaper. In joking about her readiness to potty train a few times the idea became less of a joke to me and more of a “what if?!”

I didn’t explore the idea any further until a couple of days ago when I stumbled upon one of the many mom blog out there in internet land. It’s easy to get lost amongst the stay at home mommies blogging about their diaper woes, crafty ideas, and recipes. While it’s easy to get lost and over (and sometimes inaccurately) informed I have found many diamonds in the rough. I stumbled upon Emily at Joyful Abode when looking for some gDiaper washing tips. Her short bio interested me as she’s a breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering new mommy (much like myself) but with a few months of a head start and a much better blog! I don’t recall how exactly but I got to a post about EC and was so pleased with the little that I read. Her 7 month old uses the potty… sometimes. Wow!

And shouldn’t it be that way? Why do we have two and three year old kids sitting in their yucky diapers? And maybe that’s necessary sometimes but it really does seem logical and natural to me to address the act of elimination immediately with a baby and work on communication in that area and encourage them to use the toilet as soon as possible. That means less diaper rash, less dirty diapers to buy or wash, and being more in tune with your little one. Why wouldn’t I want to try that? Especially considering my thoughts of the past month or so on Olive’s elimination habits.

Today I tried it. Babies often go while or after breastfeeding and after waking up from a nap. After she ate a couple of hours ago she dozed off. Upon waking I checked her diaper, after I grabbed a little bowl from the kitchen (her baby toilet!), and it was already wet and dirty. She did go again while I was changing her though and I made a “pssssst” sound and commented that she was going potty. Soon she fell asleep again in my arms for a short bit. Immediately after waking I took her upstairs and her diaper was still dry. I commented on her dry diaper and how nice it feels. She then went potty a little bit so I held her over the bowl but the sudden movement caused her to stop. I told her it was okay. Again she started and I picked her up over the bowl and she went for quite a while! I set her back down and told her that she went potty in the toilet and I was going to put her diaper that was still nice and dry back on and that she did a good job.

To some this may sound silly… she’s 5 weeks old (today!) but I’m really interested in this topic especially because it’s actually a method and I was already trying to put the pieces together of how to go about this myself. If you’re interested in learning more visit Diaper Free Baby.

Also, in the internet world of mommies I am:
A brand new, exclusively breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, (now) ECing, and future baby food making, momma.

olive’s birth announcement!

26 Mar

I finally finished making a birth announcement for Olive! I was going to make one on my own and print them with my wonderful photo printer but I just wasn’t getting it done. After a trip to a store that gave me a coupon code for Shutterfly I thought why not just get it done. It won’t be as unique but it will be done and which matters more?! I was playing around with Shutterfly for the past week and I was having a rough time with the photos we had of her (her eyes were closed, they didn’t match, etc.). After our little photo shoot today it all came together! Look for one coming to you in the mail soon! 🙂

Initially Girl Baby Announcements
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nearly 5 weeks.

26 Mar

There are some straight out of the camera shots of Olive from today. Someday I may get around to editing them. Enjoy!

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Have a baby you’d like me to photograph? Let me know.. I’d love to add more than just Olive to my portfolio!

olive’s first walk.

18 Mar

Yesterday we took a walk with Olive and Honey as it was so so nice outside (and I was itching to get out!). By “so so nice” I mean 52 degrees. It was great to get out and see a few houses that have been getting worked on in the neighborhood. Most of the sidewalks were pretty clean of snow but a few still had lumps and bumps that I had to push Olive over. Lots of intersections were still difficult to navigate. But Olive, the stroller, and I did fine. 🙂

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photo catch up.

18 Mar

Photos from the past two weeks – around the house and with Tyler’s family:

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two things.

16 Mar

There are two significant things about the photo below.
Can you guess?


#1 Olive’s outfit

Background: My dad was here this past weekend to visit and meet Olive. He also brought with him everything left at his house that belongs to me. It basically looked like we just moved in. He packed his SUV to the brim – seriously. He honestly couldn’t fit in another thing. Unfortunately this has not come at a convenient time, as you may have been able to guess. It’s quite the daunting task and while I shouldn’t be tackling the pile of treasures (and trash!) quite so hard… I am. Clutter seriously stresses me out and this is clutter to the max.

I have found things to keep, things to recycle, things to throw away, things to freecycle, things to donate, things to sell on etsy, etc. I have also found many things for Olive! I’m trying to be good and keeping only the most useful items and most important and memorable things from my childhood. In addition to piles of stuffed animals and dolls there are piles and piles of clothing!

That brings us to this morning. I took that photo this morning shortly after waking up with Olive. Olive is wearing my dress! Isn’t that neat? Though it didn’t last long.. it was a little too dressy for my taste and she didn’t have anything decent to wear on her legs.

#2 Olive has a pacifier in her mouth.

She made it to shortly before being one month old before entering into the world of pacifier. I was attempting to avoid it or at least put it off for a while so as not to interfere with breastfeeding but last night.. oh last night.. She was suddenly wide awake as Tyler and I had watering tired blurry eyes and were dreaming of our bed. Her wide awake state was coupled with bouts of intense fussiness. She was swaddled. We were holding her. We were rocking her. We were walking with her. And none of it was quite good enough. Tyler got into bed and it started again. I was at a loss and reluctantly asked if I should try the pacifier. I went to her room, grabbed one, and popped it in. It didn’t take long for her to calm down. Her blinking became labored. She drifted off to sleep and had no qualms with being set into her bassinet and tightly tucked in. It took me a while to fall asleep because of the silly sucking and squeaking sounds she was making.

The pacifier popped in and out of her mouth throughout the night. Luckily it didn’t seem to bother her much when it fell out. She slept decently and only woke up twice for diaper changes and feedings (much better than the 3-4 times during previous nights).

I gave her the pacifier this morning, when this photo was taken, so I could run to the bathroom to “get ready” for the day without too much fussing.