5 Feb

Looks like I’ve been slacking a bit on the blogging front. Things have been a little bit busier than normal / I have been a little bit more tired than normal.

I thought I would post a quick pregnancy update, so here it is!

It’s February! Hopefully baby will come enjoy life outside my belly this month. Baby is due on February 25th though I’m trying my best to not be overly focused on that exact date as only 3% of babies are actually born on their due dates. Firsts tend to be late, as well. As long as baby is not 13 days late as that would be my birthday! 13 days sounds pretty late but it sounds rather common for firsts to go up to two weeks late. I would appreciate happy baby arriving in February thoughts, if you don’t mind. šŸ™‚

On Friday I had my 37 week appointment where we reviewed some recent lab work and did a little bit of chatting. I don’t have Hepatitis C, which I pretty much knew already but a negative test makes me eligible for water birth. šŸ™‚ I don’t have Strep B so that makes things a little easier (positive Strep B means taking antibiotics on the day of the birth as Strep B can be pretty bad to pass on to the baby). And my hemoglobin looked great. My blood pressure continues to be amazing (high blood pressure is often a sign of pre-eclampsia which is bad bad bad. I wasn’t anticipating that as being a problem as I have notoriously low blood pressure.. too low at times!). My tummy measured 36cm (this is the first time it has measured something different than my week #, but smaller is just fine with me!). The midwife was happy to see that I am still free of stretch marks. She said that my weight gain has been right on track, although I have gained, in my opinion, an obscene amount of weight. However I began the pregnancy underweight so it’s probably better this way anyhow and the weight seems to have kept itself in my tummy only as my pre-pregnancy pants continue to fit with the obvious exception of zipping and buttoning.

Leading up to this 37 weeks has been quite uneventful. I’ll start at the beginning and mention what I find to be notable.

I took a pregnancy test because it was expiring that month and I wanted to use it rather than simply throw it away. Imagine my surprise when there were two pink lines! I was only taking it for fun!
I have not had a bit of morning sickness which means no throwing up this entire time! Hopefully that doesn’t change in the next 3 weeks!
For the most part my aches and pains have been kept to a minimum. Every other Wednesday I have been attending an adaptive hiphop class with a client of mine and am able to participate completely. Participation includes galloping like a horse, wiggling, squatting, and pretending to be a rocket ship, among other things.
Only a few times a week do I wake in the middle of the night to use the restroom.
I have not felt a single contraction, Braxton Hicks or otherwise. More recently I believe I’m noticing contractions by having my hand on my tummy as it becomes tense, but other than my hand being on my tummy there is no other feeling associated with it.
I have had far less headaches since being pregnant. Previously they were a weekly occurrence – I have had maybe 5 in the last 8 months.
I honestly have to say that I have had a bit more energy as well as little to no heart palpitations and dizziness.
So, all in all I could easily do this again. Though I know it can be significantly different each time.

Hopefully a post in the near future will be an introduction to baby! šŸ™‚


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