friendsgiving prep.

24 Nov

I made yum yum salad yesterday while Tyler was working late.

Today I made the sweet potato thing but it needs to go into the oven for a bit tomorrow. I also made three pie crusts. With one of those crusts I made a pecan pie. I also made maple cream sauce for that pie. mm! I made brine for the turkey and then I put the turkey in it. The turkey is currently in a cooler filled with brine and ice packs on the back porch.

Tomorrow when I wake up I need to flip over the turkey.
At 9:30 the sweet potato thing goes in the oven while I prepare the green bean casserole.
At 10:00 the green bean casserole goes in the oven.
At 10:30 the turkey goes in the oven.
At sometime I make a simple salad.
When the turkey is done I make gravy.
At 2:00 we eat a lot of food.


I think the pie is really pretty. We’ll see how it tastes but for my first pie I’m feeling pretty good.

Don’t worry – I took step by step photos of EVERYTHING. 😀

I’m sure you were worried.


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