oh, hi.

21 Nov

I made banana bread today. In a loaf and in muffin form. I’d have to say it was THE best EVER. Moist, banana-y, a slight crisp on top, golden brown. mmm!

We’re having tikka masala for dinner. I basically put that off every night last week – I think we were supposed to have it Monday and I kept not feeling like making it.

This year we’re not going home for Thanksgiving. Instead we’re having a Friendsgiving with Brooke & Scott. The menu includes the following:
(b & s) duck, rolls, harvest pie, roasted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, wine
(e & t) sweet potatoes, salad, green bean casserole, pecan pie, yum yum salad, turkey & gravy

We seem to be moving pretty slowly on the baby bedroom. We sanded and patched in there a little bit today. Hopefully the super short Thanksgiving week will give us some extra work time.

Speaking of baby – we registered at Babies-R-Us officially yesterday. We’re also registered at MyRegistry.com mostly for things that are at online stores, like etsy. Plans seem to be complicated for baby showers, unfortunately. I suppose living out of state from family makes it tough, having a baby shortly after the holidays makes it tough, and people seem to be worried about the weather. Today I feel like I had to convince my mom to have a pre-baby shower. It makes me feel selfish but we need help getting things before the baby rather than after. Of course there are things we will need after but it just seems impossible to do it without a shower before the baby. So it sounds like that might be near the end of January, though my mom sounded reluctant. I gathered up a couple of very very kind MN friends who are going to help me have a friend shower mid-January. I have yet to have a ton of good friends up here and most ladies that I know don’t know each other so this is pretty much guaranteed to be small and awkward but hopefully fun. I just think it would be nice to have some pre-baby party fun. Don’t you?


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