the swing?

5 Nov

Tyler and I took a trip to Seattle last Saturday and got home Tuesday night. It was a relatively relaxing trip. Mostly nice to not be at work, to be with friends, and to not be on any sort of schedule. I noticed on Wednesday, approximately mid-day, that I had a headache. I’m typically a headache prone person so it’s not unusual, but I was aware that I hadn’t had one in a while (but couldn’t recall how long “a while” really was). I took some Tylenol (knowing full well it probably wouldn’t do anything) and got on with my dad. Comes Tuesday the headache was still around and slightly worse. I tried the Tylenol thing twice (again knowing it wouldn’t work and feeling slightly guilty for subjecting the little baby in my tummy to medication). Later that evening I skipped my last pre-natal yoga class because my headache was pretty yucky by that point and bending down and changing elevations, however minimal they may be, was sure to encourage excruciating pains. Last night I fell asleep on the couch and woke up really hot and icky. Despite the chilly temperatures outside and my usual sleeping habits, I opted to sleep with little clothing. I was still incredibly hot all night long. I woke up around 5 and couldn’t fall asleep again.

So here I am sitting in the living room on Friday attempting to get some form of work done. I also have this list of things I would like to get done at home that always rears its little head when I’m home sick (because when I’m home sick is totally the best time to get things done, right?). I just ate a lot of ice cream. I drank a lot of Vitamin Water (thank goodness for that). I’m dreading the thought of walking up the stairs to use the bathroom. Or getting off the couch for that matter.

So is this “getting back into the swing of things”?


Also, I think Honey has a pretty nasty case of separation anxiety. I did a bit of research today and am going to chat with Tyler about how we move forward. I hate to think that she’s having panic attacks while we’re gone – that sounds so scary. If I had it my way we’d just lay in bed together for the rest of our lives. I think that’d be having it her way as well. She’s cuddly.


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