stormy storms.

28 Oct

There has been a storm over Minnesota and quite a bit of the Midwest/Canada for a few days now. It sounds like a very unique storm – a bomb cyclogensis (cool name). While the components of the storm sound way cool, in my opinion, I’m a little disappointed in the manifestation. It’s been gloomy and windy and a bit rainy. I think the most significant feature has been a record drop in the barometric pressure which apparently briefly lowered the boiling point here in MN. You can read about a bomb cyclogensis, which is kind of like a hurricane, here.
Sometimes I think I should have been a weatherman (except a woman). But most times I think I should have been a little bit of everything that I’m not. Up next I will be a mom. Following close behind I will be a self employed photographer (Don’t hesitate to pray about that one. Actually pray about the mom thing, too!). Someday I wouldn’t mind being a barista again. I would love to be a city planner. There are sometimes that I would like to be a mechanical engineer. There are many times I would like to be an architect. I would also like to be a full time crafter. I wouldn’t at all mind being a journalist. One time, in high school, while I was working at Trader Joes, a costumer asked me what I was going to major in in college. I believe I was rather undecided at that point (a biologist, a biology text book artist, or an architect). I expressed my frustration and inability to choose and the man responded by saying my spectrum of interest and my personality are “both a blessing and a curse.” Hmm. So, what should I be when I grow up?
Tyler’s family came to visit last week into the start of this week. They helped us get a start on baby’s room. Early this morning, when the doors at my office were not yet open, I took a trip to Home Depot and bought the paint. The walls will be Newport Blue and the trim will be Blanket Brown. No, that does not mean we’re having a boy. My mom thinks that means we’re having a boy. We don’t know. Okay?
Early Saturday morning we’re taking a plane to Denver. In Denver we will get on another plane and fly to Seattle. In Seattle we will look at things and I will take photos of things and we will visit our friends Ben & Jordan. With Ben & Jordan we will drive to Vancouver for a bit. On Tuesday next week we will fly to Denver. And from Denver we will fly back to Minneapolis where we will go to sleep, get up and go to work, and go to sleep, and get up and go to work, and do it all over again and again and again and again. Until February. Oh, February, sweet February.
Oh, back to the trip. When in Canada I want to go to Point Roberts, WA. Why do you want to go to Washington when you’re in Canada, Emma? (You might ask) Well, internet reader, you can only access Point Roberts from Canada, boat, or air. I think that is odd and I would like to see it for myself. Kind of like that funny little part on top of Minnesota. I want to go there, too.
In conclusion, substituting the word “babies” in the place of the word “birds” in the phrase “kill two birds with one stone” does not seem to have the same effect.


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