3 Oct

Today I went on a sort of shopping adventure. I rarely shop – besides the grocery store, of course – but today was different!

First, I went to Marshalls in Crystal with a gift card and a pair of white Levis jeans to return (because who wants white jeans?!) in hopes of acquiring a yoga mat and possibly something else if the gift card would allow it. I was in luck! I have a new comfy green yoga mat that I can begin using at my next prenatal yoga class on Thursday. I also stumbled upon something I had seen online once before. Its a ceramic compost container for the kitchen that has a carbon filter to reduce the smell. We’ve been using random bowls so this is a huge improvement! Its bright red and will look lovely whenever we happen to improve the kitchen. It looks like this (which I now realize is strikingly similar to a fire hydrant – oops):

I then went next door to Target. Now, I have nearly vowed to not shop at Target due to some discouraging, but somewhat expected, comments that Tyler was made aware of BUT a few days ago I stumbled upon some Target giftcards in our bedroom. I can’t recall how exactly this happened but we had two cards with $63 left over from our wedding nearly three years ago! I knew immediately that I wanted that money to help me get some better fitting maternity clothing. (Maternity? Oh it sounds so weird!) I tried on quite a few shirts, a dress, and some pants. While I had $64 to spend I had to be careful. Pants are a priority – I think I can stretch shirt wearing out for quite some time still but bottoms are getting awkward. I found two nice pairs but they were both $29.99. 😦 I put everything else back, grabbed a very cheap and much needed article of intimate apparel, and left!

Next I headed to Barnes and Noble in Minnetonka for a much needed book. I had previously placed it on hold online so all I had to do was walk up to the check-out counter, tell them my name, and purchase the book. Its a very well reviewed book about how to use features on my Canon 7d as well as when to use the different features. I have wanted this book since I first read about it. I’ve already begun reading it and hope it will help me a bit a week from today when our neighbors Beth and Carly get married as I’m taking photos for them! 🙂 Here is the book:

I ended my adventure at Rainbow in St. Louis Park doing this week’s (and hopefully some of next week’s?!) grocery shopping. I got needed ingredients for meals as well as for baking more stunning chocolate chip cookies. 🙂

In conclusion, I spent about $4 at Marshalls and $1 at Target and it felt nice to have the freedom to shop a bit today. 🙂 We budget for basically everything and while it gets us what we need it can sometimes feel a little restraining. But I know its for the better!


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