Happy October 1st :)

1 Oct

Occasionally I get a bit down on blogs that do not update frequently enough, enough to keep me entertained while I’m on hold at work, or eating my lunch, or whatever it may be. And then I realize that I tend to be pretty inconsistent when it comes to updating my (our) very own blog. So I’ve come to apologize. I’m sorry.

I’ve finally edited the photos from our trip to Chicago so I’ll add a little postie post about that soon. Possibly this very weekend.

On Monday is our ultrasound so we get to peer inside and see our new little friend. Its been trying to communicate by poking/kicking/hitting me but I am unfortunately not fluent in morse code so I have no idea what its trying to say. I started prenatal yoga last night. I think I stretched my bottom muscles a bit too far – they bothered me today.

A somewhat amusing text message interaction with Tyler yesterday when I was thinking about the wonderful cupcakes from Cupcake across the street from work:
Me: Please tell me that I don’t need a cupcake.
Tyler: You don’t need a cupcake.

Honey found a cat in the backyard this morning. I sat outside and called it kit-cat for a while and made cat calling type sounds. I was hoping it would still be in the backyard when I got home from work but that was an unrealistic thought.

Also, we just booked tickets for a trip to Seattle. 10/30-11/2. Neither of us have ever been there before.


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