Ice Creammmmmmmmm! :)

19 Jul

We got the word on Friday afternoon that Honey is just fine – false alarm, thankfully. 🙂 This weekend we purchased some new food for her. A sales rep at Petco convinced us to go all natural. It was something that was already on my mind so it didn’t take much of a push and it’s less than a cent more expensive per ounce so why not, right?! In the long run it’ll probably be much better for her. In the short term there are claims to different energy levels, a softer coat, less shedding, and less chemicals in your yard (eww). She seems to enjoy it though I’m pretty sure she would eat anything.

On Saturday evening Tyler and I went to Scott and Brooke’s house for dinner. We drove because we had been watching the weather on the news for quite a while and knew some icky storms were potentially on the way. After dinner, while playing board games, the tornado sirens went on so we went into the basement. They turned off pretty quickly but we stayed downstairs, just in case. Eventually we went back upstairs, watched the weather on tv, looked out the windows, and watched a few episodes of Cake Boss (amazing show). On our way back home we noticed the stoplight was out in between our two houses and as we expected we had no power at our house. We lit a few candles and soon went to bed. The next day we saw the power company working down the alley and went to the store to get some ice to salvage our food after eating breakfast at a diner in north Minneapolis with Scott and Brooke. Eventually the power went back on at dinner time so we quickly ran to the store to buy ice cream making supplies to utilize the 5 small bags of ice we purchased. Last night we made maple & walnut ice cream. It was so very yummy! Right now we’re making lemon yogurt ice cream. I’m so excited! 🙂

Also, I stayed home from work today. I was feeling really off on Friday, fine on Saturday, and a little weird again on Sunday. I thought I’d be safe and rest a little extra. I’ve been having a lot more heart palpitations lately than normal and occasionally I get really worn out at the same time. I’d rather have that yucky feeling at home than at work or at a client’s house. I hear palpitations sometimes increase for some people during this… time. I also read that I should try eating more foods with magnesium. We’ll see!

In conclusion, here are two photos that I added to flickr last week. They’ve been getting lots of comments. 🙂


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