sweet home chicago. sort of.

6 Jul

Tyler, myself, and our pup took a trip home to Illinois for my family picnic. Honey was successful at not throwing up in the car, so that was lovely. We drove down Friday around three. We had wonderful weather the entire drive and unknowingly left crazy weather back in Mpls. Apparently there were crazy flashfloods and downtown flooded significantly. We ended up at my mom’s house where we lived for the weekend on our air mattress.

On Saturday we waited around for a decent chunk of the day expecting to have a meal with Granny Weaver. Little did we know she was still having a wonderful time in Alabama with her family and had forgotten about our plans – oops! We mostly hung around the house that day and told my mom and Wally some news which was then returned with a gift.

On Sunday we got up early and headed over to my dad’s house before the family picnic, leaving Honey to be confused at mom’s house. We also informed my dad of the same interesting secret via a belated Father’s Day card. We hoped in the car and contemplated the dark stormy clouds that were appearing overhead. We were the 4th, 5th, and 6th attendees to arrive at the picnic and began setting up. This year Pat’s pancake/omelet station was moved inside the pavilion as those clouds continued to look fierce. No long after unloading beverage and other items the clouds opened up and it poured and poured. The pavilion nearly flooded as a biker took shelter with us and relatives who arrived stayed sheltered in their cars. As soon as it let up more people came funneling in from the parking lot. That interesting news mentioned previously continued to spread. Tyler and I played with Adam and Kim’s iPhones. The sky quickly cleared up and the day became quite lovely. Everyone who attended seemed to have a great time. We left around 4 and headed back to my dad’s house to continue the task of digging through and sorting my belongings that have collected over the years. After dinner and a great gift of chocolate we returned to my mom’s. I think we made a quick evening trip to the Oakbrook Mall Apple Store to continue playing with iPhones. After I went to bed Tyler drove to Oak Park to hang out with his sister for a bit.

Our Monday plans had high hopes of including Chicago but we didn’t end up having time. It was nice to not have to rush off to more planned activities though. We packed up and had a good time. I hooked up my old printed to Wally’s computer and I made Wally a new draft of his resume. Per Tyler’s mom’s request we drove one block over to visit her cousin. Tyler’s mom’s cousin, Ron, grew up in the same town (Downers Grove) that my mom and I both grew up and happened to move to Westmont quite a few years ago. He just happened to move one block away from the house that Wally grew up in where my mom and Wally are currently living. We found the house and had an awkward greeting at the door while trying to explain who we were. Ron seemed very happy to see us. He has Parkinson’s and is most likely confined to his house most days. My mom is generally stuck at home as well so she left her phone number and encouraged him to call. Ron suggested they get together to have a coke sometime. Not too long after that nice visit we finished loading up the car, said goodbye to everyone, and ventured back to Minnesota.


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