Clean up the streets.

21 Jun

While driving home from work today Tyler and I spotted two KSTP channel 5 vans. The television one had its big antenna thing all the way up. As we drove by I looked in all directions trying to figure out what they had been or would be covering. KSTP never seems to be too kind to North Minneapolis. So.. the two trucks were parked on the east side of Penn Ave just before Golden Valley Road. Almost right in front of Wally’s – a northside INconvenience store. This intersection is known for loitering, lots of drug activity, and numerous 911/311 calls. Seeing the KSTP vans there could mean anything! When we got home I immediately went to where I got distracted by a home video of one of the tornadoes from Thursday. I also turned on channel 5 on the television though I don’t really enjoy that station. Eventually the story aired, which you can read/view here. Basically, on Friday night a woman was in her car at the intersection of Penn and GVR and she was shot in the chin by a stray bullet. It looks to have grazed her chin so she’s fared very well but something like that, obviously, shouldn’t be happening. She was quoted as saying we need to clean up the streets – boy is she right. We drive by the intersection AT LEAST two times a day, it’s only a few blocks from our house. That is definitely a crime too close for comfort. I’m so glad she’s alright.


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