21 Jun

I’m laying on the couch. We put the two sections together for Kyle to sleep on while Tyler’s family was here for the weekend. We decided to try keeping it this way after we made a few adjustments to the angle and the placement of the rug. (The legs of the couch were on the rug and that made me very afraid for the rug – it’s the most expensive rug I’ve ever had.. though that doesn’t mean too much..) Anywho – Honey is on the rug and playing with a little blue squeaky toy that I got her at the pet store the other day. She likes to run around with it outside – run in circles while squeaking it. She also likes to squeak it in other places including the rug pretty close to my right ear. It’s incredibly high pitched and VERY loud. But… she’s having fun. 🙂

So as I just said, Tyler’s family was here this weekend. They were coming to help us with the fence but last minute we decided to scratch that idea and have a fun weekend. Tyler, Abby, and Kyle went to Valley Fair after they got into town on Friday night. I stayed home with Tyler’s parents, Hal & Judy. We looked at cabins to possibly rent for a weekend in August and watched something silly like Dateline about some murder mysteries.

While they were here we got the baseboards painted in the dinning room, some light switches changes, and a new light installed by the basement stairs. We also ate a lot of yummy food and went to one of my favorite stores – Arc’s Value Village. I bought a lot of old jars with lids to keep things like flour and sugar in as my current jars are too small. I bought some shirts, a neat wooden carving for the dinning room, a game called Huggermugger, and a few other things. Judy bought Othello. When we got home quite a few games of Othello were played and a very interesting game of Huggermugger. Huggermugger is a tough game! It’s basically about spelling. Very educational. 🙂 On Sunday we opted to stay home from church to do some painting and went to Buca Di Beppo for a big lunch before they headed back to Iowa (as usual!). At lunch we gave Hal his father’s day gift and shared a special surprise. We also ate one of these:

They’ll be back in three weeks to help with the fence. Yay!


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