16 Jun

We’ve painted the dinning room walls! And the ceiling! And hung my wonderful chandelier that I found for $20. 🙂 We need to do a second coat on the walls tonight and will hopefully get to the trim soon. The dinning room very well may be my favorite room. It is the prefect shade of wonderful green – olivine! I kind of wish we could paint every room a wonderful shade of green. But I should probably stop at two.

We had a leak in our roof on Friday when it was raining heavily. A leak is always unfortunate but we just spent a decent amount of money on a new roof last fall! I put in a call to the company, Sela, who did the job and a flat roofer contacted Tyler. He stopped by the house and blamed it on the open window on our storm door. I couldn’t disagree with him more. The man came out this morning to do a water test and it was quite the ordeal. There was some miscommunication and he now needs to come back. Honestly I didn’t like this guy one bit. I don’t usually have such adverse reactions to people, especially right of the bat. I couldn’t help myself! Hopefully we’ll get it sorted out and can safely fix up some spot that got wet in the kitchen soon. While hunting for the leak I ended up pulling out a ton of wet drywall from the kitchen and over the back door this weekend. I guess it’s better to have the space open so everything can dry. That drywall seemed pretty messed up and I wouldn’t be surprised it it was modly. eww.


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