Creating Food

27 May

I’m sitting in bed right now and Honey desperately wants to be with me.  She keeps pacing around the bed but she is not allowed for two reasons.  1: She will most likely attempt to sit on, lay on, or lick the computer.  2: She is shedding like I’ve never experienced a dog shedding in my life (I don’t have very much experience but it’s kind of blowing my mind).  She just led me on an uneventful chase through the house.  She was most likely getting annoyed that I had not yet invited her onto the bed and she began to sound a rather soft and deep bark at any little sound she heard while standing quite alert at the door.  Eventually I gave in and she bolted downstairs and had to look at everything.  She then wanted to go outside where she proceeded to just stand there.  When I opened the door she ran in, grabbed a ball, and reluctantly followed me back upstairs.  So here I am, in bed again.  Tyler is in the basement playing a computer game.  So we’re three floors apart.  Wow.

Today Tyler mowed the backyard. I was supposed to mow the front but Tyler had to fix up the lawnmower so it would run more smoothly and we were nearly out of daylight and I was nearly out of energy by that point so it didn’t happen. It’s now on my weekend list. Instead I spent some time weeding the garden and digging up chunks of grass and dandelions from the boulevard in front where I have planted some perennials. After everything I didn’t want was gone I filled in the section south of our sidewalk with extra mulch taken from our community garden. It’s a step in the right direction. The most exciting next step, in my opinion, is a new fence.

So… on to the point of this post. Tonight dinner was nothing special as I spent much of my energy outside and was out of one of the main ingredients for the dinner I was supposed to prepare tonight. We just had spaghetti. BUT while cooking the sauce I decided to run outside and grab some fresh basil from the garden and toss it in. Yum! And THEN I ran outside and grabbed a ton of fresh spinach from the garden and cleaned it up. I made two bowls and Tyler and I both created some dressing. Mine included olive oil, apple cider vinegar, parsley, and oregano. Quite yummy! I’m not sure about Tyler’s. It was just amazing to run into the backyard and grab some food. In my typical negative looking into the future thinking I have to say: I wish I could do this all year round. But how about I calm my brain down and just enjoy the food I have growing in the backyard and not worry about winter until it gets here. Goodness Emma, calm down.

Below are some photos of food. The beef & vegetable soup from last night (which Tyler enjoyed very much, and again for lunch today), the spinach after being washed, and my bowl of spinach and dressing. mmmmmmm!


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