23 May

I’m going to try this again.  I had good intentions the first time and they fizzled out.  I had succumbed to the thought process that often hinders me from following through my with my good intentions.  In short, I have an idea/plan/good intention.  I start out strong and something along the way causes me to get off track.  That something could be anything but usually manifests itself as my feeling too busy (feeling too busy is not the same as being too busy).  Once that process begins I either jump quickly back into that idea/plan/good intention or I get discouraged and disappointed.  The latter is what happened here.  I got discouraged and decided to never come back.  Well, that’s silly.  So here I am trying again.  I suppose having a blog is not the most important thing to get myself all stressed out and risk having great disappointment in myself about.  But it is something that I would like us (tyler & myself) to have.  Seeing as we do not participate in the typical ways to stay connected via the internet (facebook & myspace) maybe this will be useful and interesting to some who wish we were connected in that way.  And now I have found the end of this long paragraph.

Right now I’m sitting in the backyard typing into Text Edit as the internet struggles to reach our concrete patio slab.  I would be upstairs sitting on the porch as I know the internet can find itself there but I’m at my post keeping an eye on the weather.  At my post?  Well, yesterday I hung up a laundry rope since our backyard came with one of those “T” shaped metal poles with hooks and metal hooks placed appropriately on the garage.  While filling the dryer with clothes this morning I remembered the rope!  I just finished hanging up the laundry but the sky looks confusing and the air feels as though rain might be on the way.  The weather was similar yesterday – you know those hot summer days when it may or may not rain but it feels like rain?  And if it does rain it could be all day or for 10 minutes or less?  I opted to risk it and hope to enjoy some air dried laundry, a slightly smaller gas bill, and the having the pleasure of know that I’m being “green”.

It’s amusing to watch Honey, our pup, right now.  There are squirrels in every yard but ours – which is rather smart of them.  She’s peeking out the holes in our not-so-structurally-sound fence.  First looking west to the squirrels in the trees and on the garages that are slightly up hill from us.  Then running diagonally across the yard to peek through the chain link fence to the north.  She runs back to the west and then darts to the east where there is a huge gap in the fence.  Luckily she seems to know better than to escape through these holes/gaps.  Now that she’s larger she can’t fit through most of the holes.  She has managed to wander into the front yard on a few occasions but is quick to hop into the back as soon as she sees us or we whisper her name.

I don’t have much dog experience, save for the little dog that my mom and I had in our apartment for a much too brief period of time, but I would have to say that Honey is quite intelligent.  I know – how can you trust me on that?  80% of pet owners and parents always seem convinced that their dog, cat, child, or other small thing is most intelligent than others.  But in all seriousness she learned simple commands (sit, shake, stay, high five) in her first couple of months with us.  She was potty trained almost immediately for about 9 hours at a time while we were off at work.  She rings a bell to signal whens he wants to go outside  She remembers where she puts toys.  She waits eagerly for the go-ahead when it’s meal time or she wants to jump on our bed.  Of course she has her faults.  We probably fell short in the socialization department (which hopefully will not be the case when we have children!!!) and she gets incredibly excited when friends come over.  Granted she is still a puppy so certain things are to be expected.  Unfortunately this gives visitors a much different picture of her than what we experience daily.  She has got to be THE most cuddly pup you have ever experienced.  She’s wonderful!  And honestly, I’ve never met a softer dog.  🙂

I suppose it’s time to make sure Tyler is waking up and get ready for church.  I’ll include a few photos of the backyard.  🙂 (taken with photoboth so everything is backwards…)



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