28 Nov

We took a short trip (to my) home with puppy.  She did great for such a long car ride – pretty much slept the entire time.  Of course we ate some wonderful food on Thanksgiving at Pat & Barbara’s.  Tyler got a chance to explore Adam’s iphone but I pointed out that his recent purchase of a 27″ imac quad-core significantly affects our ability to purchase pretty new mobile phones.  That morning I baked a blueberry coffee cake that turned out to be pretty yummy.  Honey spent a lot of time at my mom’s house where she had a few awkward run-ins with their teeny tiny Gwen. It was wonderful to spend time, however short, at home. And to also take a few bins of Christmas decorations back to MN.

I spent a few hours taking photographs of my Aunt Evon’s jewelry.  She’s into making jewelry but seems to be having a tough time selling it.  I took some photos (would have been nice to have my new camera by now!) and am hoping to manage an Etsy store for her.  I’ll post a link as well as some of the photos when everything is set.

Today I had many thoughts.  Those thoughts are summarized below:

i want to live near water.  big water.  calm and glassy / rough and wavy.
to have mountains / a big hill in my backyard.
i want to see rocks and moss, and trees for children.
fish for my dinner – grow all of my food.
i want to make dreams and words and music and cake.
have too many pets and lots of bare feet.
and fires.

I just finished sewing a little flower thing onto a onesie. Our friends, Matt & Lori, are having a baby shower tomorrow evening. I planned to make a bib but got lazy and did this onesie instead. I hope to have the chance to possibly make a bib before her birth on Dec. 13th. My craft/sewing room is not nearly complete and I unfortunately don’t find too much inspiration or motivation while there. I tend to lose most of my inspiration and motivation while at work. boo.

On to editing hundreds of jewelry photos. Oh goodness.


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